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30 Minutes Missions
eEXM-17 Alto (Dark Gray) 1/144

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Fan of mass production machinery, Get up!!!
Made from simple structure and easy to assemble, the BENDAI original robot plastic model series "30MINUTES MISSIONS", which has a ''bEXM-15 PORTANOVA [DARK GRAY]'' appeared in 1/144.

■The part configurations are taking runner-placement, intuitive and easy to understand. All parts are only in 80, very simple.
■Because it's assembling are very simple, so who can make a lot of it and finally collect a lot.
■The same part of machinery can be change in color variation. You can easily have the happy time in the color variation of your choices without painting.
■Same series are adopting in common joint structure. Even between different machineries, change reassembling units and replace parts are possible.
■The 3mm axial hard point in various position, which can be further customized.
■Ancillary armament have rifle and knuckle.
■With a backpack can equipped hardpoints.

Iconic mecha×1

【Product Contents】
Molded parts x 4
Marking sticker x 1
Instruction manual x 1


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