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Robot Spirits Action Figure
Proto Type-00

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An all-new sculpt of the Evangelion EVA-00 Prototype joins the Robot Spirits! Optional parts let you display it in either EVA-00 or EVA-00(Kai) modes. And in a first, it also includes parts to re-create the sealed up version of the EVA-00. The Evangelion Evangelion Proto Type-00 Robot Spirits Action Figure includes 5x pairs of optional hands (L/R), an umbilical cable, a pallet rifle, optional EVA-00 arms (L/R), an optional EVA-00 head, an optional EVA-00 chest part, optional EVA-00 thighs, an optional back part, a handcuff part, a progressive knife and Gatling gun. Measures about 6 3/5-inches tall.


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