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Star Wars
X-Wing Starfighter 1/72

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  • Each X-Wing fighter is unique, but this release from Bandai will focus on Luke Skywalker's personal machine!
  • The red markings characteristic of Luke's fighter will be included in this release
  • The nose cone of this fighter is longer than stock X-Wings, but the short nose cone is included as a bonus part
  • The thrusters of normal X-Wings face the top of the machine while Luke's face the bottom, but you can install them either way
  • Death Star exhaust ports bse ×1
  • Death Star surface base ×1
  • Proton Torpedo effect ×2
  • Pilot figure ×2 (Seated×1、Standing ×1)
  • R2-D2 ×1
  • R5-D4 ×1
  • Landing Gear ×1
  • Canopy parts ×2 (Clear ×1、frame parts ×1)
  • Water transfer decal sheet ×1
  • Tetron Sticker ×1


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