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[Bundle Set] FW Gundam Converge #22
Complete Set of 7 Figures

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Collect your favorite Mobile Suits as tiny FW Gundam Converge figures! This bundle box of 7 includes figures of Gundam (final battle specification), G-3 Gundam, GM, Buster Gundam, Zaku II Kai (Fritz Helm specification), Gelgoog J, and Gelgoog J (Shin Matsunaga specification).

  • 2.16 x 1.77 inches (5.5cm x 4.5cm)
  • Made of PVC, MABS, and ABS
  • Part of the FW Gundam Converge series
  • Box of 7 different characters
  • Figures include Gundam (final battle), G-3 Gundam, GM, Buster Gundam, Zaku II Kai (Fritz Helm), Gelgoog J, and Gelgoog J (Shin Matsunaga).

Bundle Set Contents

  • Gundam (final battle) figure
  • G-3 Gundam figure
  • GM figure
  • Buster Gundam figure
  • Zaku II Kai (Fritz Helm) figure
  • Gelgoog J figure
  • Gelgoog J (Shin Matsunaga) figure


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