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HGUC XM-X0 Crossbone Gundam X-0

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From "Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam Ghost", the Crossbone Gundam X-0 is made into an HG kit!
Reproduce the shape and color of the X-0 with new modeling!
Comes with a variety of weapons such as the butterfly buster and the multi-purpose attack weapon "Peacock"!

● Reproduce the body shape of X-0 with new modeling!
    X-0's characteristic blade antenna is reproduced with new molding.
    New parts are also used for the heat radiation duct on the chest.

● Reproduce the silver aircraft color with metallic color molding color!
    The silver aircraft color is reproduced with a metallic color molding color to express a metallic feeling.

●Butterfly Buster and Peacock are reproduced with new modeling!

    ・Butterfly Buster
    Crossbone Gundam X-0's main weapon, Butterfly Buster, is newly included.
    By replacing parts, it is possible to reproduce two modes: gun mode and saber mode.
    New effect parts are also included for recreating saber mode.

    ・Multi-purpose attack weapon "Kujaku"
    Multiple weapons that integrate the functions of both Muramasa Blaster and Peacock Smasher are reproduced with new modeling.
    Transformation into Buster mode and Smasher mode can be reproduced by replacing parts.    

Attached armed:
butterfly buster / peacock / scissor anchor / ABC cloak /
Heat Dagger / Zanbuster (Beam Zumber / Buster Gun) / Beam Saber


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