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11th Mini Album
Love or Take

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Say good or not! 'DO or NOT'

The choice of love was given to you, the protagonist of [LOVE or TAKE].

The Pentagon's only honest and plain way of love, the 11th mini album [LOVE or TAKE]

The Pentagon, which has been loved by many people, is filled with the colors of spring in about 5 months, winning the title of ``Believe and Listen Pentagon Pentium Cheongnyangsong'' through ``Binari'', ``Tree Frog'', ``Spring Snow'', and ``Daisy''. He is making a comeback with his 11th mini album [LOVE or TAKE].

The Pentagon's 11th mini album [LOVE or TAKE] sang the cool yet confident way of love with a total of 7 tracks under the main theme of'falling in love' or'acquiring love'. The track was drawn in a fresher and more pleasant way, expressing the emotion lines of love that change with the passage of time with pure cartoon elements. In particular, by adding maturity to the coolness that the Pentagon has shown so far, we plan to tell a sweeter and more serious love story.

'Love' in [LOVE or TAKE] means love in a deeper dictionary meaning than the fragmentary meaning of love that anyone easily thinks of. In other words, it is talking about love for a wide range of objects such as'I','You' and'We'. It provides a high satisfaction to those who listen to the album by containing a theme that anyone can easily relate to and the autobiographical story of the Pentagon, who grew up further from a boy, on a colorful track.

This title song'DO or NOT' is a Pop-Rock genre song with the most prominent Pentagon's unique musical colors and speech techniques. Eight members become the main characters in the original comics and throw the topic. In the lyrics of'I like it or not' and'Just decide now, DO or NOT', the song is expressed more dramaticly by drawing a witty and cool look, followed by a desperate and careful inner waiting for the other person's choice.

In particular, through the directing of eight distinct and distinctive characters, it attempted to change the conceptual visual as if the main character in the cartoon actually appeared. At the same time, a dynamic and energetic stage will be presented with a performance with musical elements. Through this stage, we want to convey a pleasant excitement by making you feel as if you are receiving a serenade of love from the eight main characters.

The Pentagon's 11th Mini Album [LOVE or TAKE] in search of the true meaning of love and its protagonist

May the'Road of Love' presented by the Pentagon through [LOVE or TAKE] unfold like spring at the crossroads of choice given to you.


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