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Kotobukiya Hexa Gear Rayblade Impulse 1/24

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Size : 24cm

Made by Earth Klein / Biomechanics "High-speed battle Hexagia for assault", equipped with the Artificial intelligence KARMA, The Rayblade Impulse can convertfrom driving mode to fighting form "Zotex mode". Highly mobile seemingly faster than human control will allow, and equipped with the "Ray Blade" for use against Hexagia, the original development objective is unknown . Currently it is adopted as a corporate alliance force "Liberty Alliance" against military production complex MSG and artificial intelligence Sanat, and it is supplied to each unit.

Equipped weapon
Ray Blade
Chain Gun
Automatic Grenade Launcher

Product Info
High speed travel mode "Vehicle mode" can be converted to fighting style "Z - Atex mode".
Main Weapon "Ray Blade" comes with the "Effect Parts" of the blade which reproduces "Oscillation" time, you can enjoy various battle situations.
The joint units of the naked frame parts are changed to various styles by recombining using the hexagram system, 5 mm joint, 3 mm joint.
Equipped with a high-detail cockpit unit, you can have an optional governor on board.
Using several materials such as ABS, PE, POM, PS, PVC, etc. attention was paid to all the details such as the texture of the tire.
Metal pins are used in ultra compact joint units, which can be used in various applications while being small.
Hexagonal poly cap, 5mm, 3mm joints are preliminarily sealed and can be used for various recombination.


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