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FuRuy Rem Oiran Dochu Ver Re:ZERO Figure 1/7

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The Oiran Dochu is an annual parade in Niigata, Japan, commemorating the courtesans that once served the area. Three lucky women are chosen to dress in ornate kimonos, wear tall sandals and walk through the district. And it looks like one of this year's winners is the beloved oni maid from Re:ZERO, Rem!

This figure depicts Rem in an incredibly ornate purple kimono, emblazoned with a wide variety of beautiful flowers. The red trim along the back of the kimono add an extra pop to her look. The large red bow at the front brings more floral accents, and her blue hair is adorned with many flowers and other ornaments. Her soft smile nicely complements the grin on the fox mask she carries in her right hand, and her lacquered black sandals give her an aura of grace and beauty.

Height: 9.84


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