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Skater Sanrio Aggretsuko Bamboo chopsticks 2-piece set

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Share your meals with Aggretsuko.
Chopsticks are a must when enjoying Japanese food. You can pick up food.
It's accurate, but it doesn't puncture what you eat like a fork. However, those who are not accustomed to Asia.
Chopsticks are often a hassle to handle in cooking utensils.
With a set of skater Sanrio Agretsuko chopsticks, you can easily master these handy tools.
Thanks to the non-slip design, you can hold the chopsticks firmly. From sushi.
Also in a noodle bowl. Useful for dealing with a wide range of Japanese cuisine. 
The standard size is comfortable and convenient for all experience levels.
For a truly authentic experience, our designs are designed by Aggretsuko.

Size:  21 cm (8.25 inches)


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