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Test Type-01 with Spear of Cassius 1/400 Model Kit

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Eva's first unit reappears with Cassius's spear!

In the first version of Evangelion, which is being popularly released in the Kotobukiya plastic model series, the spear of Cassius held in "New Evangelion Theatrical Version" is added as a new model The body and accessories that fuse the precise joint design by CAD design with the sophisticated modeling created by the prototyper's hands remain intact, and even in the notice, a spear that violently collided with the Evangelion 13 was added.

Gimmick Explanation
Jaw opening and closing gimmick: Reproduced by movement. As in the play, the chin goes down one step before opening and closing.
Interlocking movement of the entry plug: The entry plug is drawn out in conjunction with the movement of the rear block.
Interlocking movement of the knee joint: The front of the thigh and the knee joint are linked and movable.
Development of shoulder knife storage unit: reproduced with replacement parts.
Interlocking movement of the neck joint: When facing upward, the neck part moves in conjunction.

Attached wrist
spear armed hand (left and right), fist (left and right), flat hand (left and right), gunman's hand (left and right), sword armed hand (left and right), flat hand with fingers folded (left and right), flat hand with pinched shape (left and right) this part. The scene in the play can be reproduced with abundant wrist parts.

Some parts
such as yellow eyes, green on the tip of the chin, green on the chest armor, and black on the neck are painted and finished, and the first Evangelion machine close to the image in the play can be reproduced just by assembling it.

Cassius's Spear
Entry Plug
Umbilical Cable
Progressive Knife
Palette Rifle


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