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HG The Witch from Mercury #06 Chuchu's Demi Trainer

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From the latest Gundam series "Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch of Mercury", the Chuchu's custom machine Demi-Trainer has been turned into a three-dimensional HG series!
  • The range of motion of the arm is expanded by moving the shoulder with the drawer. The forearm is also rotatable.
  • The neck can be pulled out to expand the range of motion, and the ball joint on the waist has a structure that allows for forward and backward tilting postures.
  • The cable extending from the backpack to the beam rifle is represented by a lead wire.
  • Beam rifle arm parts can be connected to the main body's front armor.
  • The thrusters on the sides of both legs can slide and rotate up and down.
  • Accessories: Beam rifle × 1, Hand parts × 1 set, Lead wire x 1, Sticker × 1


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