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Mini Album Vol 1

Disharmony: Stand Out

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Album Introduction

P1Harmony 1st Mini Album'DISHARMONY: STAND OUT'
P1Harmony struggling to find harmony in a twisted world The prelude to the worldview

P1Harmony is a compound word of Plus (plus), Number 1, Harmony, and'team' and unknown. It contains the meaning of children with infinite possibilities of creating various harmony by adding'one'. Consisting of six members of Kiyo, Theo, Jiwoong, Intak, Soul, and Jong-seop, the strong expressive power of each position such as vocal, rap, and performance, as well as their unique outlook on the world, woven their messages into music, creating hot expectations from before their debut. Are collecting.

Their debut album'DISHARMONY: STAND OUT' is the first album of P1Harmony's first series theme'DISHARMONY'. The worldview of P1Harmony, where six children gather to find hope to save the world surrounded by DISHARMONY, was first revealed through the feature film ``P1H: The Beginning of a New World,'' and aroused curiosity even before the music industry's official debut.

The first album name of the theme of'DISHARMONY' is'STAND OUT', meaning'conspicuous, stand out'. P1Harmony sings about the courage to be different from others in a society surrounded by disharmony and the power to say no to the world. The album was composed of a variety of genres, including the debut song'SIREN', announcing the emergence of a new hero.


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