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1st Album 'First Love & Letter' (Re-Release)

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Includes: CD, Photobook, post card set, photocard, stamp sticker set

The refreshing boys, who were repeating the word "love" in their hearts, return with their first full-length album 'LOVE & LETTER' full of seriousness. SEVENTEEN, who showed their growth by being recognized as super rookies with the title track "Spare Me" from their first mini album "17CARAT" and the title track "Hooray" from their second mini album "BOYS BE", have grown even more with a full album that contains a lot of SEVENTEEN's charm to live up to their reputation as "self-produced idols".

SEVENTEEN, who celebrated their first full-length album, matched the keywords 'FIRST' with the words 'LOVE' and 'LETTER', and the album fully captures the feelings conveyed by SEVENTEEN, including both the passion of boys who start love for the first time and the meaning of sending heartfelt letters to fans through music.

The title track of this album is a heart-wrenching expression of feelings about the girl you like. As the highlight of Seventeen's love story that leads to Hurrah, the song expresses the sincere love that a boy who gets to know a girl through "Spare Me" and becomes close to her with "Hurray" expresses his sincere love for the girl, and Seventeen's witty lyrics and expressions are expected.

In addition, the album will be filled with songs of various genres, including unreleased songs that were presented at SEVENTEEN concerts and songs that were collaborated with external composers such as Lee Hyun-do and Kigen, as well as newly remixed songs of existing album songs for each unit and fan songs sent to fans.


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