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PG MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam

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The PG MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam is a perfect grade model kit that comes in three boxes. It is a transformable kit that has two separate inner boxes that are held together by a rugged outer cardboard box with carrying handle. The kit has 50 locations that are secured by metal screws. It also has five different locations that light up on the finished kit (eyes, tail fin, beam saber, and both wingtips, batteries included!). The kit also comes with two beam sabers, shield, two grenade packs and the huge beam rifle. The locking systems provide stability in both Wave Rider and Mobile Suit modes, so elements don't flap around like they do on the Master Grade kit. The separate cardboard manual describes with concise photos how to transform between the two modes. The PG MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam is a perfect grade model kit that is perfect for any Gundam fan. It is a great addition to any collection.


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