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[Bundle Set] Bandai Pokemon Shodo Vol. 7
Set of 5 Figures & Accessories

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The 7th release of the Pokémon Shodo figure series has arrived!

In addition to the Legendary Pokémon Arceus from the Sinnoh region, the setting of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, and the evolved form of Eevee Glaceon, the lineup also includes Alakazam from the Kanto region and Dragapult from the Galar region.

It is a lineup of five types in all, including an expansion set that allows for even more powerful poses of each Pokémon.

  • Based on the Pokémon franchise
  • Part of the Shodo figure series
  • Includes 4 Pokemon and an expansion set with 2 Dreepy figures

Bundle Set Contents

  • Arceus figure
  • Glaceon figure
  • Alakazam figure
  • Dragapult figure
  • Expansion parts set
    • 2 Dreepy figures
    • Normal attack effect
    • Ice attack effect
    • Psychic attack effect


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