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2nd Album 'Apocalypse: Save us' (Normal Edition)

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  • Booklet: 182 pages
  • Disc
  • Member Solo Collection Album Photocard (random 1 out of 7)
  • 3 Photo card (random 3 out of 28)

Dreamcatcher speaks of 'Apocalypse' in a dizzying world, the beginning of the trilogy.

Dreamcatcher's deep echo, 'Apocalypse: Save us', dreaming of a leap toward a better direction for everyone.

Dreamcatcher is back after about 9 months since Summer Holiday in the summer of 2021. Their second full-length album 'Apocalypse: Save us' is another trilogy series following the 'Dystopia' of the previous regular album, and opens the door to once again unfolding Dreamcatcher's unique solid worldview.

Crying at the end of a crisis Save us. and Save earth. The Earth, a star that is gradually getting redder and gradually encroaching on the gray air. The ice disappeared, and the water increased. The green has faded and the sand has bloomed. We already know who the main culprit is that dried up our beautiful, shiny home. Ignoring this, when the end of karma approaches, what everyone is worried about will eventually happen. The title song 'MAISON', which warns of this, means 'home' in French, and Dreamcatcher is also approaching realistic social issues this time. Jungle rainforests are shrinking due to global warming, melting glaciers, living garbage floating in the sea, and deserts where microplastic sand accumulates. Dreamcatcher warns of how the uncomfortable truths that we have been ignoring come back to in our lives.


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