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Monsta X

3rd Album 'Fatal Love'

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MONSTA X intends for another change and growth with its 3rd regular album 'Fatal LOVE'. It proves its strong global power in the global music market such as the United States and Japan and provides deeper music and performance through solid teamwork and unconventional attempts. This FATAL LOVE' is full of the thrill of suspense and tension as if watching a thriller movie. While the previous albums mainly portrayed the keywords of empathy and consolation, this album sang about the fatal temptation of a man digging in secret. Here, the gaze is overwhelmed with a story reminiscent of a thriller movie. It is also noteworthy that the center of gravity of sound and performance has changed. If the power performance that stood out so far has been the signature representing MONSTA X, this time it gives a fascinating feeling with the relaxation of digging into the core while releasing all the energy. While maintaining the unique team color, the challenging new style is enough to present the highlight of this album. 6 brutal and beautiful'Love Killa'... The irresistible charm of'fatal love' The title track'Love Killa' is a track where you can feel the existing intensity and unique style at the same time, and it is a track that represents the reasoned change and growth of Monsta X. It sang the temptation of love to throw everything and win, and it gives a cinematic feel by stimulating the imagination through audiovisual. It is also impressive that it harmoniously conveys a dark sound and an emotional melody. Willie Wix, who worked on the title song of Monsta X several times, and Brother Soo composed and produced the lyrics, and the lyrics were written by Seo Ji-eum, Joo-heon, and I.M. Various emotions chasing a deadly love will be strangely mixed to present a new experience.


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