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Mashin Hero Wataru HG Ryujinmaru

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From "Mashin Hero Wataru" comes an HG version of Ryujinmaru, the guardian deity of Mt.
  • Movable gimmicks are condensed in various parts of the main body with proportions that are faithful to the original image.
  • With the built-in movable axis, it is possible to pull out the blocks on both sides of the chest forward.
  • The range of motion of the arm is expanded by the movable axis built into the shoulder armor.
  • The pulled-out blocks on both sides of the chest can be moved flexibly, and combined with the pull-out mechanism of the shoulder joints, the pose of the special move "Toryuken" is realized. The gesture of pulling out the sword can also be reproduced naturally.
  • By pulling out the waist, the range of motion of the hip joint is expanded, allowing for bold poses.
  • Knee armor is movable in conjunction with the knee joint.
  • We reproduce coloring in drama without seal. The pattern of the dragon on the shoulder armor is also expressed by dividing the parts.
  • In addition to the dragon sword, 3 types of hand parts are included: gripping hand, weapon holding hand, and open hand.
  • Accessories: Toryuu sword × 1, Hand parts × 1 formula


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