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30 Minutes Sisters
#07 Laranel (Color B)

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The total height is about 125 mm. A cute sister with the smallest size in the series.
  • Newly developed body structure. You can enjoy the display in a pose that sits on the ground.
  • By dividing the torso into upper and lower parts, it is possible to move like twisting the body.
  • Armor with the image of a black rabbit is included.
  • A colorful Usamimi-shaped Katyusha using multiple parts is included.
  • Face parts can be replaced from 3 types: "normal", "muscular face", and "screaming". You can enjoy facial expressions that match the poses.
  • By arranging them side by side with "30 MS SIS-T00 Lilinel [Color A]" (sold separately), you can create an intersecting line of sight.
  • It is possible to customize the fully equipped state by attaching the weapon of "30 MS SIS-T00 Lilinel [Color A]" (sold separately)!
  • Accessories: Face parts x 3 types, Armor parts x 1 set, Bangs parts (for attaching headgear attached to Lilinel (sold separately) x 1, Hair parts x 1, Hand parts x 1 set, Joint parts x 1 set


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