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Astro 2nd Full Album 'All Yours'

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Astro returned to his 2nd regular album [All Yours] after 2 years and 3 months. The 2nd regular album [All Yours] is the second'All' series following the regular 1st album [All Light], and contains the meaning that everything in ASTRO belongs to Aroha.
Astro's generous sincerity is contained in this regular album, which fans have been waiting for. This album, which is filled with a total of 10 songs in a variety of genres, including the title song ``ONE,'' stimulates curiosity by including various self-composed songs by members MJ, Jinjin, and Raki.
It would be good to look forward to seeing how Astro, which celebrated its 5th anniversary this year, will show off a different charm from the past through this album, interpreted by the colors of the members who have matured as well as the expanded musical spectrum.


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