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Moon Byul of Mamamoo
2nd Single Album
C.I.T.T Cheese in the Trap (Jewel Case Ver.)

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Content: CD, Booklet (16p), sticker, random photocard (2p)


Moonbyul Single / CITT(Cheese in the Trap)

After the mini-album [6equence], which was reminiscent of a high-quality short film with a solid narrative and organic track connection in January, Moonbyul returned with his second single album [CITT (Cheese in the Trap)].

In this [CITT (Cheese in the Trap)] album, you can also get a glimpse of Moonbyul's leading challenge for a new concept, and he struggles sweetly but fiercely to steal the cheese that is dangerously placed in a trap that is not mine. . You may fall for the mouth-watering cheese and end up in a trap, but you move boldly. perhaps A geeky character like Uncontrollable Jerry, who has more execution power than Moonbyul's, comes to mind. From a timid and crooked nerdy character to the protagonist in a twinkling teen drama, to a radical transformation to steal love. It contains a lot of harmlessly sweet and irresistible charm of Moonbyul. It is enough to feel the loveliness of Moonbyul, who presents excitement to fans with a colorful concept every time.

With a concept that adds a spoonful of coolness to the kitsch sensibility, Moonbyul's infinite transformation is renewing Liz's ability this time as well.
As an all-rounder that encompasses rap, performance, and vocals, he is expected to perform more in the future.


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