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Kyoukai Senki




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The fastest three-dimensional version of the second part hero machine, which was three-dimensionalized after structural verification by KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN!
  • Reborn into a massive silhouette to manipulate a huge armament.
  • The cannon on the arm is removable. Equipped with an attachment that assumes sharing of weapons with Kembu.
  • The chest cylinder gimmick that imitates the structure like the pectoralis major muscle in the human body reproduces the expansion and contraction movement.
  • Comes with a powerful large super-heated combat long sword that is as tall as the height of the Kembu sword.
  • Various weapons can be attached to and detached from the back weapon rack.
  • Accessories: Super heat-shaking battle long sword x 1, 40mm arm cannon x 1, 60mm portable cannon x 1, Weapon rack x 1, Hand parts Flat hand (left and right), weapon handle (left and right), gun handle (right), Sticker x 1


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