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Masked Rider Figure-rise Standard Shin Masked Rider

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From the 50th anniversary project "Shin Kamen Rider", "Kamen Rider" is a plastic model in the Figure-rise Standard series!
  • Thorough pursuit of redesigned visuals for this work, expressing details and textures. The size is about 162mm in height.
  • We realize wide range of motion that enables various poses.
  • Clear parts are used for compound eyes. The hair that spills out of the mask and the skin that can be seen through the gap between the mask and the suit are also expressed.
  • We express texture of leather of body part by giving special processing to metal mold.
  • The chest part is divided into parts unique to a plastic model, giving it a realistic finish just by assembling it.
  • Extra finish is used for belts and antennas with attention to detail, and realistic metal texture is also pursued.
  • Two types of hand parts are included: a gripped hand and an open hand. In addition, the muffler comes with two types, one that is hanging down and another that can be adjusted to the angle.
  • By using the included Figure-rise Effect pedestal, it is possible to display it in dynamic poses.


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