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MG Gundam Seed Aile Strike Gundam ver. RM 1/100

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MG Gundam Seed Aile Strike Gundam ver. RM 1/100 is a kit released in 2013. It has been redesigned to allow the attachment of the MG Sword and Launcher packs to create the Perfect Strike and includes an extra set of energy packs. A very detailed and fully posable snap-fit Master Grade model. Since it is molded in multiple colors, painting is not entirely necessary. A stand resembling the launch bay of the Archangel ship is included.

Item Size/Weight: 39.0cm x 31.0cm x 9.0cm / 950g

Product includes:

  • Strike Gundam
    • 2 Armor Schneiders
    • Index-to-Pinky finger parts
      • Fists (default)
      • Holding (for Beam Sabers, Armor Schneiders)
      • Holding (for Anti-Ship sword)
      • Trigger fingers
      • Relaxed
    • 1/100 figurines (sitting)
      • Kira Yamato
      • Mwu la Flaga
  • Beam Rifle
  • Shield
  • Aile Striker Pack
    • 2 Beam Sabers
    • Battery Pack
  • 1/100 figurines (standing)
    • Kira Yamato
    • Mwu la Flaga
  • Catapult deck/display stand
  • Adapter for Action Base 1


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