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Skater - Antibacterial Round Shape Lunch Box 2 Step (Kuromi)

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Size:106 (depth) X 117 (width) X 90mm (height)
Capacity: Upper 230ml / Lower 270ml

A small round simple 2-tier bento box.
One round onigiri from a convenience store can fit in the box.

Both the upper and lower tiers are coated with a non-stick coating to prevent rice from sticking.
A fork (made of plastic) is included for storing the inner lid.
When you are done eating, you can compactly store it in one tier!

*Lockable, but no gasket is provided, so please do not use foods that are juicy.

Lid*Seal lid*Microwavable with fork removed!
Dishwasher-safe except for the seal lid!


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