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Smooth Cologne Air Freshener

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The Smooth Cologne Air Freshener is a gel base product that is design for your home, office, car or restroom. Smooth cologne is one of the most well-known air fresheners around the world and made in japan with the high quality scent. These products have the ability to deodorize any bad smells that comes from pets, people or smoking. This unique product freshens the air with the fresh fruity perfume style to bold scents. Overall it is ideal for this product if used in a car to be placed under the seat due to its size.

Special Gel Formula Ingredients Lasts up to 60 Days
Compact for Discreet Placement under Seat
Designed & Formulated in Japan
5.8" L X 4.4" W x 1"
200g / 7 Oz Gel


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