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Umamusume: Pretty Derby

Figure-rise Standard

Tokai Teio Model Kit

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Uma Musume Pretty Derby Tokai Teio starts running with Figure-rise Standard. - Reproduce the sprinting pose that seems to be a horse girl, running in a forward leaning posture.

- The skirt has a slit structure on the side, which can secure a large range of motion.

- The double-structured parts are blindfolded, and the figure that runs in a forward leaning posture without breaking the silhouette is decided!

- Attractive smiles and energetic movements.

- Three types of facial parts with different facial expressions are included. The smiling eyes are reproduced by "tampo printing".

- The other two types use water transfer type decals. - By pursuing the structure in units of one part, you can finish it colorfully just by assembling the "matching clothes" and the head.

- The horseshoes on the soles of the shoes are reproduced with stickers. By separating the front and back of the shoes, the appearance of kicking the ground is also expressed flexibly.

- The head creates ears and ribbons that can be moved, and a ponytail that flutters in the wind.

- Hand parts with different colors on the left and right are included. A total of 6 types are set for the right hand, including a flat hand with a facial expression.

- A clear molded pedestal is included. You can connect the stanchions to your back and hold your body as you run.

- Accessories: Facial expression parts x 3 types, Hand parts x 1 set, Dedicated pedestal x 1 set, Water transfer type decal x 1, Sticker x 1


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